Brexit – How it might affect your move

Brexit – How it might affect your move

There is currently uncertainty regarding HMRC and Border Force regulations, which may affect the importation and exportation of goods from and to the UK from the official date of Brexit.

In the event of a no deal Brexit, and the absence of free movement of goods and people; any moves booked to and from the UK, into or out of the EU member states will require customs clearance at the border.

Additional documentation such as Transfer of Residence (ToR) into the UK and permission to live or work in the country of destination may also be required. As such, any move booked prior to Brexit for dates on or after the official date of Brexit may experience delays, changes in requirements, or may no longer be possible.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, particularly a no deal scenario, we do not know what additional costs or fees may be levied on the transportation and importation of goods between the UK and the EU. Should any additional costs or fees be incurred as a result of Brexit and any new regulations, these will be passed on to the customer. We will keep you informed of any additional costs as soon as we are aware of them.


This does all paint a bleak picture, but, goods moved around countries prior to the EU and they will continue to do so after the UK leaves the EU, but there just may be an extra hurdle to jump through and it might take a little longer whilst the customs paperwork is completed and cleared.


We will update this article as things progress and the situation becomes clearer.  For now, it looks as though it will be a no deal scenario which will mean all clients (which ever transport company you use) will need to complete the ToR paperwork detailing what they are moving, we can give guidance on the process.