Chosing the right removal firm – a LEGAL ONE!

Chosing the right removal firm – a LEGAL ONE!

Whilst this might all read a bit dry and dull and over dramatic we cannot emphasise the importance enough of choosing a legal haulage/removal firm.

Many “removal people” are simply a van and a man – often pretending to be more than they are.  These operators, whilst possibly all above board are hard to verify, they are a complete stranger with nothing you can easily check, unlike a legally registered company – that has had to provide lots of information and confirmation to the government to get incorporated.

You are about to potentially hand over your worldly goods to someone you do not know!

Also, many smaller operators are simply just not fully legal, you may think “so what, that’s on then”, but, with haulage it is NOT.  If you hand your belongings over to someone who is not fully legal and have all their haulage licenses when they get stopped by the police or customs (and they will) their van gets impounded – guess what is in their van!

Questions to Consider

  • Operators License
  • How old are the vehicles – we run new a new fleet
  • How long have they been doing it?
  • What insurances do they have?
  • Legal, verifiable registered company?

Things to look for are a legally registered company, ideally they will also have what is called an Operators license – It means they have passed the relevant exams and have the proper back up funds in place and have to keep stringent regular records concerning hours and saftey etc.  No O licence? even if they just run a van or tow? – Walk away.

We have the full international ‘O’ license, we are UK and Spanish incorporated, verifiable, insured with a Transport Manager and all our team are Driver CPC trained.

Other things to look out for are van drivers in regular vans towing trailers – this is illegal if they do not have their ‘O’ license and a tachograph on the van – again, if they get stopped your items get delayed or at worst impounded.  Any driver who is not weighing your items is also potentially going to fall foul of the law and get fined and impounded as the police are super hot on vehicles running over weight, on one trip in France we were stopped and weighed 3 times, thankfully we run legally, so be careful with who you decide to use, there are many good companies and people, but many who are risking your items.