Frequently Asked Questions

Yes - All of our vans and drivers are fully insured with goods in transit insurance.
For the safety of our drivers we prefer not to. However we do set up a 'group chat' with clients, the designated driver and the admin team, so if any questions arise throughout the journey someone is at hand to answer. Our drivers are available to contact clients directly during rest stops.

Of course, as many as you like.

If we have space/weight that has not been booked by another client it may be possible to add extra to what you booked. There is no guarantee! We advise to always book a little extra space than you think you have. Household and clothing items soon add up in weight more than space.

Plants can be taken, as long as not an invasive species.  We do not actually advise taking plants as they do not do well in the back of a hot van on a long journey which can be a week long.

Yes - By law there is a strict maximum weight that can be taken. To keep within the law we weight all items at collection.


We can cover Ireland even though it is not a regular area we go to, we go to Northern Ireland for full van loads (17m3) minimum and ferry costs from England to Ireland and bac are additional charges.

Yes - please contact us to discuss.

Smaller items that will go in your own car will need to be collected from us, larger items such as sofas, cookers, washing machines etc are delivered to the ground floor of your property.  If you require assistance getting the items into your home please let us know as we will put that in the quote.

Yes we do.  We are based on the Costa del Sol in Mijas, so move people around the CDS and neighbouring provinces.  We can also move people anywhere in Spain but moving FROM CDS to somewhere else.

We can cover Isle of Man for a full van load  only as it is not an area we cover regularly.
Yes - As a general rule we imply a minimum collection of 2 cubic meters. In areas further off our normal route we may have a higher amount.

We do have storage facility in the UK and Spain - please ask us at the time of booking what storage space is available.

Yes - All of our vans and drivers are equipped with telephones with live tracking information which the admin/office team are linked to.

Yes, we are able to take fragile items, they need to be very well packed, certain fragile items are not insurable (mirror/glass / glass in pictures / crockery / mirrored furniture / TVs not in a TV box) but we do take extreme care unlike the big couriers where your items are passed from courier to courier, with us, your items remain with us, on our van.


We can discuss this on a trip by trip basis, it depends on the route we are taking, the collections and drop offs on route etc.
At this moment in time we don't. However we hope to be able to offer the transportation of cars in the near future.

Yes in partnership with Blue Mules, who are fully insured and certified.

We offer transportation  in either direction. Whether you  live in Spain and are moving to the UK or vice versa - we can help you.
Yes we do, we have all the correct equipment for safe loading, unloading and transportation of motorbikes of all sizes.

We run various size vans and trailers, allowing us flexibility to get into cities with smaller vans for collections and deliveries and big trucks/trailers for the core routes from the UK to Spain.

Length (meters) x Width (meters) x Height (meters) = cubic meters(m³)

example - a box of 65 cm length by 50 cm width by 45 cm height = 0.65 cm X 0.50 cm X 0.45 cm = 0.14 m3

7 boxes of the above size is approx 1 m3 (cubic meter)


Just go to any UK retailer you like, online or on the high street, order what you want, as much or little as you need and give them our UK depot address as the delivery address, you then need to fill out our simple form so we know what is coming and when.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is fine with us (Sterling or Euros at the exchange rate on the day from xe.com), strictly prior to unloading, or, we have revolut and banks for wire transfers – but must be cleared funds before unloading.

Typically it takes 5 days to drive from Spain to UK or vice versa. We prefer to say 7 days until we deliver as this gives the driver time to freshen up after the long drive, load/unload etc. 


If you are packing a box you should aim for 20-25 kilo maximum per box - this weight is ideal for stacking and not collapsing during transit.  Strong boxes, well taped should be used, double or triple ply boxes.

We operate several vans and run frequent trips. We are flexible and can put on extra trips on demand. If yo cannot find a date that suits your needs please contact us to discuss,

Two trips per week, each lorry has a capacity of 11 vehicles.

No, there is no minimum order.

Anything as long as it is legal.

We accept both Euros or Sterling - just tell us your preferred currency.

Fully insured and certified, all paperwork is available on request.

Yes - We fill our vans to a maximum with the volume/weight that you give us upon booking.

If your goods from the UK retailers are faulty or damaged we are not responsible for returning them to our UK depot for the retailers to collect. However we can arrange this but will incur charges.  On receiving items we ensure there is no damage to external packaging.

A cubic meter (m3) is the volume of a cube with edges of one meter in length. 1x m3 = 100x100x100
Our price incudes:
  • Channel Crossing
  • All fuel
  • French Péaje
  • UK Tolls
  • 1 very helpful experienced driver to help assist you load and unload
  •  Collection of items
  • Delivery of items
  • Excellent communication throughout the entire process
Banned and restricted include:
  • Illegal drugs (not prescribed by professional practitioner)
  • Offensive weapons including flick knives
  • Self-defence sprays (pepper spray and CS Gas)
  • Endangered animal and plant species
  • Rough diamonds
  • Indecent and obscene materials (pornography)
For the official list of restricted goods in the UK go to click here

When ever you are ready, we run a frequent service, and offer free storage at our fully insured UK depot until the next transport leaves.

Typically it takes 5 days to drive from Spain to UK or vice versa. We prefer to say 7 days until we deliver as this gives the driver time to freshen up after the long drive and gives us a day to load/unload.

We are based near Fuengirola, and from there can reach most areas on the Costa Del Sol.  On the way to the CDS from the UK we do also pass many other areas so we can also often help in other regions.

We aim to be as flexible as possible and have a fleet of vans operating weekly. If you have a specific deadline date that you need, please contact us to discuss.

We often  organize extra trips upon demand - please contact us to discuss the dates you need.