Fragile and delicate item packing

Fragile and delicate item packing

Many fragile and delicate items are not covered under any insurance policies; it is therefore extra important to ensure your items are well packed for a long road trip.

Items typically not covered under goods in transit insurance include (but not an exhaustive list):

  • Glass items
  • Mirrored items
  • Furniture consisting of mirror or glass
  • TV’s not in a TV box
  • Glass in pictures
  • Crockery
  • Pushbikes

We advise that all TVs are put in their original transport boxes, if you no longer have the box they can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

Pushbikes need to also be in a “bike box”.  This helps protect the bike and its components and also other items being shipped from pedals and metal parts on a bike that could cause damage.  We will not transport push bikes not in a bike box.

Glass and fragile items should be carefully wrapped, in bubble wrap and other suitable wrapping materials and then generally placed inside a good strong box that is then packed out with packing to stop the item(s) moving about in the box.  Boxes then need to be carefully labelled as “FRAGILE”.

Crockery should be in a very strong box, triple walled, very well wrapped on the bottom, sides, top and between each item.  Boxes labelled Fragile.

We take every care possible with fragile and delicate items, but, it does only take a bump in the road on a long drive to crack glass etc.

The more protection items have, the more aware we are of your fragile items the better chance we have of delivering them in one piece.

You will also find that if you do not pack fragile items in boxes you will use up more space and cost more in shipping, boxes stack nice and tight, floor to roof, if you just put in lose glass items in the van, they will not stack and can only really be “1 layer high” and use up a lot of space.