How to best pack?

How to best pack?

Furniture? Household items? Clothes, Bedding etc, treat them all a little differently.

Clothes and Bedding

Our advice is to put clothes, bedding, towels and other linen items in boxes as lining for fragile items (where possible), i.e if you have a box of crockery, put some towels on the bottom, sides and on top with the crockery in the middle which in turn is wrapped in bubblewrap/newspaper etc).


Furniture items such as beds, sofas, dining tables etc should be disassembled as much as possible, any nuts and bolts put in a bag and put safely in a packing box (label them up so you know what they are from when it comes to putting back together).  Do not just put a small plastic bag of loose nuts and bolts into the van, it needs to be a box.

Where possible you should try to protect furniture items, bubble wrap, tough plastic, but, this is not always possible, we do carry specialist packing blankets on the van that we use to put over/around furniture items.

MIrrors and Pictures

Items such as mirrors and pictures should be bubble wrapped and it also be placed in a suitable box, which can be bought from online retailers like Amazon.

General Household Goods

General house hold goods, ornaments, books, DVDs, toys, kitchen items should be boxed up.

We do not base our pricing on the number of items, but the overall volume and weight, so PLEASE use smaller boxes that when full are not too heavy.

The general rule of thumb is if you cannot lift it we cannot lift it, 20 to 25kg MAX per box.  If a box is heavier than this or too large to handle/stack it will have to be re-packed before we can load it.

Boxes need to be about the size of a crisp box.  Good strong boxes, it is a false economy to buy cheap thin boxes, they break when lifted, collapse when stacked potentially breaking what is inside, so good multi ply boxes, not to big, not too heavy.  Tape up the bottoms well.  They have to stack to a height of 2m, try it when you have packed, if they crumple it is unsuitable.

White Goods

Kitchen appliances, the washing machine, fridge, freezer etc will need to be left to us.

Our only real advice is ensure a washing machine is fully drained of all water, as if its not and we put it in the van it will potentially wet your boxes making them soggy.

We also advice that you empty any shelves, trays etc from fridges and freezers and package them apart so they will not move around in transportation.

Electrical Items

Smaller electrical items, in particular TVs must have stands removed and be in their original boxes if possible, if not you can buy TV boxes specifically for the job from online retailers like Amazon.  Insurance will not cover TVs not boxes, stands from TVs should also be removed as they are a fragile part just like the screen often held on by just a couple of small screws so easily broken.

Smaller electrical items like kettles, toasters, irons etc box up and pack well.

Push Bikes (including e-bikes)

Push bikes (including e-bikes) can only be transported in a “bike box” which if you do not have can be bought online from retailers such as Amazon.

Push bikes not in a box can get damaged, especially to gearing components, wheel spokes etc.  They are also likely to cause damage to other items in transport.

Bikes must be in a bike box!