UK Retail Shopping Delivered to Spain

Are there items you just cannot source in Spain?  Are they too expensive in Spain?  No UK address?  Problem solved.

Now you can order in the UK from any UK retailer, online or on the high street who offer UK delivery. Simply have them deliver your order to us at our UK depot, we then bring it to Spain for you.

1. Order Online

Any UK retailer – online or from the high street

2. We receive

Any time at our UK depot

1. We deliver

We bring it to Spain for you


If your goods from the UK retailers are faulty or damaged we are not responsible for returning them to our UK depot for the retailers to collect. However we can arrange this but will incur charges.  On receiving items we ensure there is no damage to external packaging.

Cash on Delivery (COD) is fine with us (Sterling or Euros at the exchange rate on the day from, strictly prior to unloading, or, we have revolut and banks for wire transfers – but must be cleared funds before unloading.

Anything as long as it is legal.

Of course, as many as you like.

No, there is no minimum order.

Smaller items that will go in your own car will need to be collected from us, larger items such as sofas, cookers, washing machines etc are delivered to the ground floor of your property.  If you require assistance getting the items into your home please let us know as we will put that in the quote.

When ever you are ready, we run a frequent service, and offer free storage at our fully insured UK depot until the next transport leaves.

We are based near Fuengirola, and from there can reach most areas on the Costa Del Sol.  On the way to the CDS from the UK we do also pass many other areas so we can also often help in other regions.

Just go to any UK retailer you like, online or on the high street, order what you want, as much or little as you need and give them our UK depot address as the delivery address, you then need to fill out our simple form so we know what is coming and when.

Length (meters) x Width (meters) x Height (meters) = cubic meters(m³)

example - a box of 65 cm length by 50 cm width by 45 cm height = 0.65 cm X 0.50 cm X 0.45 cm = 0.14 m3

7 boxes of the above size is approx 1 m3 (cubic meter)


We accept both Euros or Sterling - just tell us your preferred currency.
Yes - All of our vans and drivers are fully insured with goods in transit insurance.

Outsized items

Clothing, household appliances, furniture – nothing is too big or too small

Fragile items

Fragile items, mirrored furniture, mirrors, glass, TVs – no problem

Items with batteries

Items with lithium batteries can ususally not be sent with other couriers, no problem with our service

Motorized / Engines

Motorized vehicles / engines – often cannot be sent with traditional delivery companies – we can help

Insurance included

Unlike other online comparison/parcel delivery sites, who charge extra (often double) for the correct level of insurance, with us, the price you see is the price you pay, including insurance

VAT included

Unlike most online delivery comparison sites who show a headline price without VAT or insurance, with us, the price you see is the price you pay including VAT

Easy to contact

We are not a huge faceless corporation, we don’t hand off your items to other couriers, at all times you can easily contact us and at all times we know where your items are.