Transport Booking Terms and Conditions and Guide

Transport Terms & Conditions & General Guide

The information below forms the terms & conditions of our transport service and also a general guide on booking and packing.  If there are any elements of our T&Cs / Guide you need to discuss to fit your needs, please just get in touch, we aim to be nice people and always try to be flexible and helpful, so, if you need a bit of extra help moving items, packing etc, we are a flexible group, we just like to know before hand, but we also like clients to be prepared, so the below information helps keep things running smoothly.

What Affects Price and General Notes

To load a full van we allocate 2 hours and to unload a full van we allocate 1 hour, this is more than sufficient time based on the below criteria.  If it takes longer as the below are not met then the extra charge is £25.00 per hour for 1 man and the van and £40.00 per hour if we have 2 people there assisting.  These extra charges can easily be avoided if you follow this guide.  Costs are rounded up to the nearest 15 minute block of time.

This is a collection and delivery service not a packing and removal service.  Items are to be packed by you and at your kerb for collection (and will be delivered to your kerb).   If items are not at the place we can park the van it may take longer and incur extra time costs.  If you cannot get items to the kerb, we are of course happy to help, but the extra time costs would be charged.

Why one man on the van?  It is 6000km round trip, if we send 2 people 6000km our prices would be almost double, by helping our driver load and unload your items you save money.   If we get no help and items are not at the kerb (i.e if we have to walk a long way to get each item, if we have to go up and down flights of stairs) then extra time costs may be charged, and, quite possibly heavier/bulkier items will not be transported without assistance.

You need to bring your items out to our driver who will then weigh, photograph, complete the itinerary and load the items onto the van legally, with a balanced weight across axles for secure, safe and legal transportation.  

To book space on the van you need to know your weight and volume requirements, like booking any haulage/delivery service it is always weight and volume based.  This is called volumetric weight (see further guidance below). 

You have to book the weight/volume you require, we do not travel with empty vehicles, and space not allocated to you is sold to other clients, thus, if we arrive on the day and your weight or volume go over what you booked we may be unable to take everything on that trip – if you are unsure we advise you to book more, as nearly all clients under estimate the space and weight required and we do not like to disappoint clients leaving items behind.

Items not packed, wrapped and protected properly by you will have no insurance coverage and will be noted on our itinerary as such and you will be asked to sign our waiver.  TVs must be in a TV box, crockery should be wrapped and in a strong box – ideally a crate, there should be no small loose items, if it can go in a box it should be in a box.  

Fragile items such as mirrored furniture, glass, mirrors, glass in picture frames and crockery unfortunately cannot be insured and we have no liability and thus you should take extreme measures to wrap, protect, we will take every care, but a bump in the road, or a box shifting on the journey can cause damage.

A TV not in a TV box are not insured.  You can purchase purpose made TV boxes from online retailers, we can take them, but they will be noted on the itinerary and you will need to sign our waiver as there is no insurance available or liability.

When packing boxes and items, if you cannot lift it, can we?  Please consider weight when packing. No individual box should exceed 20-25kg.  More smaller boxes are better than fewer big boxes. Our prices are not based on the number of packages but the total weight/volume.  If we arrive and boxes are too heavy for us to lift safely (under Health & Safety guidelines) we may ask you to repack which can take extra time, time is money.

Do not use flimsy overly large boxes as they collapse, which can damage your items or other peoples items, boxes have to be stack-able.  Good strong boxes, double or triple wall, well taped up, well labelled.

Volume is based on how it packs into the van not how you measure your boxes, we load the van with your items as tight as possible and then measure the volume used which you are welcome to do as well, but, no matter how tight we pack there is always going to be air space, unless you have say 10 boxes of identical size.

Large items of furniture i.e Wardrobes, that are not of a ‘solid’ construction, flat pack furniture should be flat packed.  Furniture like this is not suitable for moving and travel, it will collapse, test it yourself, gently push the side of your wardrobe and you will see it lean.  Only solid non flat pack furniture can really be transported assembled.

Itinerary Completion

On completion of our transport request form you will be directed to the page with links to download the ”Itinerary template”.  You should print this out (as many as are required).  You need to list your items that you are shipping, and label your items thoroughly,  i.e if your name is Joe Smith label your 1st box ” 1 – JS ” then on the itinerary template enter “1″ in the Item number column and “Box” in the item description column (assuming it was a box). It is essential each box, bag, item is listed, this is used to load your items onto the van and check off on unloading.  Furniture items should be semi descriptive and unique to be identifiable on unloading and also labelled in a suitable place.  At present (until the UK leaves the customs union) you do NOT need to list each item in each box, you just need to list the box, so one itinerary sheet is sufficient for around 30 items.

We do advise to use more than one label incase a label comes off, but ensure you use strong adhesive labels (not envelope labels) or write in permanent marker pen (on boxes etc).   It is also  a good idea to put a piece of paper in each box/case/draw with your name on it, so if all the labels did come off in handling the items they can still be identified.

The number on the label should match the number on the itinerary sheet.

It is really important labels will not come off, we have to be able to identify your items.

Packing Notes

We suggest NOT to use big boxes, they end up too heavy to move, they break, collapse, bottoms fall out.  Aim for boxes of a size about the same as a crisp box (about 50x40x40cm), no more than 20-25kg a box). Strong walled boxes so they do not crumple when stacked potentially breaking what you have in the box,

Boxes will be stacked to a height of about 2.2m and must be stackable otherwise we would have to bill for the volume weight to the ceiling, sure you can appreciate we cannot put one box on the floor and nothing else on top, as we would be transporting air, so good strong boxes.

TV’s MUST BE in a TV box, if you do not have the original box they can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

Push bikes (including electric bikes) must be in a bike box and dismantlement appropriately for the box (i.e pedals remove, handle bars slackened etc), this is to ensure your bike is transported without damage to components like gears and also to prevent your bike from damaging other peoples items.

We suggest clothes and bedding and other linen items are boxed or in suitcases.  Bags tear or clients over load a bag and the seams break on the bags spilling clothes everywhere.  It can be sensible to use some of your linen to pack around more fragile items in their boxes.

For more guidance on packing see our guides.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The client warrants that they are either the owner of the goods or are authorised by such owner to accept these conditions on such owners behalf.
  2. The client authorises the company to act on their behalf in all matters arising to the removal and transport of their goods for the period of the transport and the company can make any arrangement they see fit to execute the successful completion of the work, including the removal of goods stored at the site of a third party.  Only in the case of judicial action being enacted by a third party will there be any delay in delivery.  The company reserves the right to open and inspect, delay or destroy any item to satisfy themselves that by executing the contract they are no in breach of any la of any country thy may pass through.
  3. The client is totally responsible for establishing that all items for transport/removal have been totally removed, no liability will be accepted for any oversight even if verbal instructions have been given to the company.
  4. Deliveries will be deemed as when in area at a mutually convenient arrangement unless otherwise stated.  Stated delivery times are only estimated times of arrival.  Demurrage liability by prior written agreement only.
  5. Payments are made full on collection when transporting to all countries except Spain and the UK where 20% or £100 (which ever is greatest) is due as deposit,  the balance before unloading in an irrevocable form i.e. cash, bankers draft etc, Ordinary cheques or bank transfers must be fully cleared before delivery.  Delivery slots will not be made until cleared funds or confirmation of COD.
  6. Storage charges will commence on a weekly basis 2 weeks after collection when then delay of the delivery is a result of the customer.  The company will arrange delivery whenever possible.  Charges for storage will be at appropriate standard rate (currently about £15 per m2 per month).  The terms and conditions of storage will be as of Divine Removals Ltd whilst in the UK and Spain or the terms applicable elsewhere except when none exist.
  7. Extra charges may be made for extra work and costs incurred due to unforeseen circumstances which should have been advised by the client in writing.  Also extra charges will be made if the volume of the work is greater than quoted, extra charge will be made to the client of more than 1 man are required to execute the work.  Charges will be made for all packaging materials supplies to the client.  Any mistakes or errors by the client resulting in extra work or delays and cost to the company will be borne by the client.  Extra charge for use of stairs in apartments or if more than 10 meters from where vehicle can be parked.
  8. Quotes are not fixed or binding on the company and fixed prices can only be made on a cubic meter rate.  Full rate is available on request.  The company reserves the right to alter without warning any schedule service it operated without liability.
  9. Non payments.  In the event of any accounts which have been outstanding in excess of 1 months from date of collection or departure for goods stored under contract, the goods may be returned to the departing depot and transport incurred will be charged at the standard rate applicable for the full round trip.  Whilst the company wishes to avoid this action it may be forced due to storage charges and to alleviate congestion at the depot.  Any stored goods that have not had the account settled after a three month period will then become the goods of Divine Removals Ltd.
  10. Items not covered on our insurance or Divine Removals Spain Ltd – T.V’s not in original boxes, any items containing glass, any items containing mirror, glassware and crockery, pushbikes not in boxes / Any items packaged by customer – apart from theft.
  11. Any valuable not declared prior to collection are not covered on insurance, unless full valuation is presented and added to insurance cover at extra costs.
  12. We allocate 2 hours to load a full van, 1 hour to unload a full van.  10-15 mins to load/unload partial loads of 2m3.
  13. You must prepare a detailed itinerary of items to be shipped, our quote is based on the item(s) that you have listed.  This itinerary will be used for loading and unloading and should be sent to us before hand or given to the driver on arrival.
  14. Kerbside collection and delivery – unless previously agreed. 
  15. Items requiring dis-assembly have been done so before we arrive, and you have put all the lose nuts, bolts, screws and accessories into one of your boxes as they will likely fall out in transit if left in wood or in a plastic bag.  Feet should be removed if possible.
  16. Our service includes 1 driver and will need assistance to load and unload from/to the kerb larger items.
  17. Individual boxes/items should not exceed 25kg (approx).
  18. It is the clients responsibility to ensure your items are wrapped/packaged/protected.  We do have packing blankets for larger items for extra protection.
  19. Quotes are based on the size and weight declared at the time of booking, if it is different from what is stated then extra charges will apply or items will be left.
  20. Volume is rounded up to the nearest m3.
  21. Time is rounded up to the nearest 15 mins.
  22. Please note all Items must be packed securely for transport, NO dangerous OR flammable OR perishable OR illegal items can be sent on this service.
  23. Items need to be stackable, where items cannot be stacked one on top of the other there could be  surcharge, (see notes below).
  24. Collections and deliveries to large cities are usually done before 7am or after 7pm to allow for parking and access difficulties.
  25. We do not guarantee an exact collection/delivery date/time and on part loads but will keep you informed of collection and deliveries.  We ask clients to be flexible and available to receive their items at the time we give the day before.  On international deliveries it is difficult to be exact, throughout the journey you will be given an ETA that will become more accurate as the trip progresses, but, in the early stages it is a long trip, and thus it is difficult to give exact dates and times.. 
  26. If we are unable to deliver your items on arriving on the agreed date your items may be put into 3rd party storage facilities at your expense for you to then arrange your own collection.
  27. Access – ensure there is good access for our vans which are 7m long, 2.2m wide and 3m high.  We will need to be able to get to the kerbside to load/unload. If items are from or to storage or businesses, ensure everyone is aware of opening times.
  28. If you are aware of access/parking issues inform us before booking the job.  If you do not have a tarmac/concrete road to your property (i.e campo property) you need to inform us, and if on arrival we deem the track to be unsafe or unsuitable we will only load/unload from an adopted road.
  29. If we are kept waiting due to you not being at the collection or delivery address at the agreed time the extra charges detailed at the top of this guide will be levied.
  30. Extra assistance can be provided to unload (a 2nd person) and it costs £15 per hour, from time of set off from our depot to the time we return.
  31. All items must be thoroughly labelled with an item number and your name, do not use the same number more than once (it happens!), ensure the label will not come off, tape it on thoroughly, permanent marker pen on boxes, put another label in a box/case/draw etc so if a label did come off in loading/unloading it is easy to identify.
  32. If there are congestion, low emission or toll charges to pay to deliver, these charges will be added on top for you to pay on delivery.
  33. Our price is for transport only and if any custom duties/taxes are levied by the receiving country this will be the responsibility of the receiver.
  34. A booking is not complete and space is not reserved until we receive the deposit payment.

Pricing and Payment

A deposit of 20% or £100 (which ever is greatest) is due at the time of booking to secure the space (a booking is not confirmed until receipt of deposit and agreement from a member of our team).  The balance can be paid to the driver in cash only on collection or on delivery in euros or sterling (based on the rate at the time of booking from  You must have the money ready and pay the driver before unloading (sorry but we have had clients promise payment that then does not arrive, we prefer a smooth transaction and no awkwardness at unloading, so please be there with payment).

We charge a minimum of 2m3 for deliveries not in major cities and on the main route of the m1 corridor in the UK as far as Leicester/Birmingham area.  Major cities and destination off the core route will be negotiated with you the client, as an example we would not drive to Scotland with 2m3 (unless we had multiple clients to the same vicinity).

Items can often be weighed on bathroom scales to give you an idea, we weigh as we load on professional industrial 3000kg palette scales but it is important you try to weigh what you can and not on the itinerary so when you book we have a good idea of how much weight to allocate.

Stacking Guidance

Items need to be stackable, one on top of the other, if the items are not stackable then a surcharge will be made.  Boxes are stackable, but if you have, for example an antique rocking chair or a motorbike that cannot be put on top of other items or other items put on top of it, then you in effect take the full space from floor to roof, so the volume of space that cannot be used needs to be accounted for and billed.

Volumetric Calculations

To work out volume, measure each item in cms (width x height x depth), do this for each item and write everything down in a list and tally the total.  You could also stack everything into the corner of a room as tightly as possible and measure the entire space taken.  

As an example: A box of 50cm x 50cm x 60cm is 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.6m = 0.15m3, if you had 10 of these boxes that would be 1.5m3.

Space required though is not the sum of all objects you measure, it is how they stack and pack on the transport, i.e if you have a polished wooden dining table that is 1.8m x 1.2m x 0.9m that is 1.95m3, but if we cannot load items ontop of the table we have to charge 1.8 x 1.2 x 2.2 (h) = 4.75m3 (2.2m vehicle height), so volume is often based on the items you have to transport and how stackable they are, how protected they are etc.

For further advice read over our guides.

Storage UK or Spain

We fully appreciate moving between countries can be stressful and difficult to line up the timing and logistics of having your stuff collected then getting flights etc and receiving your goods.

To help smooth this out for you we do offer free storage for 14 days at either our UK or Spanish depot, but space is limited so we do need to know dates of arrival so we can plan storage and also plan collections and deliveries.

If you require storage for more than 14 days this costs £15  (+VAT @ 20%) or per m2 (meter square) (not cubic meter), i.e a full van is 8m2.  This is payable in advance and in monthly blocks.